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~*SNEAK PEEK*~ Slow Down to Enjoy Life!

You know I've been talking to a lot my client's recently and I've been hearing over and over again how stressed they're feeling. I'm not sure how we got to this place in our society where we value business as if it proves a person's worth or value. It, of course, doesn't prove any such thing.

My life is certainly not exempt from this hurry-up-and-go-go-go mentality. As some of you know, my day job for the last 29 years is as a flight attendant. The clock rules my life. I have to be at check-in at a certain time. I have to do announcements at a certain time. Start the landing procedure at a certain. Be picked up by the hotel shuttle at a certain time. It's all time, time, TIME! 

You know what else happens to me as a flight attendant -- speed. I'm regularly traveling at 30,000 feet, going 500 mph and leaving parts of my energetic body behind. At first I didn't realize this, but since I've been doing my energy healing work I can recognize when it's happened and have learned how to bring myself back into alignment. 

This hurry-up life style is so common today (no matter what form it takes in your life) and leaves a person wiped out and running on empty.

If you're stuck in the hurry-up lifestyle, you may be experiencing:
--Extreme stress
--Mental fog
--Chronic fatigue
--Lack of focus
--Sleep cycles are off
--Excessive use of stimulants (Hello, Coffee...)
--Other biological indicators of stress

I'm hosting a Facebook Live on Thursday, August 23rd @ 10am CST to help you combat this toxic lifestyle (before you fry your central nervous system!) and bring you back into the here and now by:
--Clearing stress
--Clearing your brain
--Clearing your kidneys & adrenals
--Taking the high charge out
--Grounding you into the present moment

This Facebook Live is to give you a ~* SNEAK PEEK *~ into my newest group, coaching call, Slow Down to Enjoy Life! Happening on Sunday, August 26th at 7pm CST. 

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