My sessions with Shelley have been amazing and I actually have physical proof of incredible healing. I’ve had a puckered retina in my right eye for years and after two sessions where spirit worked on my eye (as well as other things), I could see a shift in my vision in my right eye. When I went to the eye doctors for my annual check up, they scanned my retina. The doctor showed me the difference between last year’s scan and this year’s and proceeded to say, “Well this is something we rarely...if ever see”. The pictures were vastly different and my retina was coming back into its original alignment.

It was amazing to see it on a digital image. I knew it because the blurry vision that was once closer to the center had shifted to the bottom right. But to see it through the eyes of the medical community was very cool! And I shared my secret with him!

Thank for so much 💗💕

~ Sandy

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the weight loss call (Your Weight Loss Solution). My binging issues seem to have truly disappeared since the call. Truly grateful.


Hi Shelley,

That was an amazing session (Your Weight Loss Solution) and I nearly didn't buy it. For me, it was your most powerful session yet.

A lot of clearing happened for me around having other people's energy. I know that I'm affected very easily by other people's energy, but didn't realize I've been storing it and carrying it around with me.

Thank you so much for these affordable group sessions and for your lovely vibration.

with much love and appreciation,


It was our third session and it was just magical!

With your extraordinary skills you moved so much within my being, that I am now feeling blessed, loved, and totally free!

Yesterday, on Sunday, I spend the whole day at the beach, swimming and meditating and and this, together with the work you’ve done 12 hours before, shifted so much and brought my being to a whole new level.

You literally freed me and, honestly, I didn’t think it could get any better after the first two sessions with you, but this one was really extraordinary for me.

Sending a whole universe of gratitude and love to you and very looking forward to our next session!

Much Love from Germany,


Shelly is amazing! The healing session I did with her was so much more than I could have asked for. Not only did she clear lower energies and entities but she also worked on different parts of my body and my energy bodies and brought everything back to balance. Furthermore, she brought healing to my ancestral lineages. We did inner child work, heart opening exercises and she talked in soul language. She works really fast and super effective and the information she got about me and my family were on point.

I felt truly seen and loved during this session and am beyond thankful to have found this beautiful angel.

Thank you for your kind words, I´m looking forward to the weight loss session on Sunday!

With love and gratitude,


Thank you so much for our wonderful session! C-diff and other health problems were making me afraid to travel. We went to Boston for my nephew's wedding. After 6 weeks of having to run to the bathroom - I had 3 days of not going at all :) This was perfect timing, since our return flight was canceled, we had to rent a car and drive all night. That would have been a nightmare.

I'm listening to the healing recording every day. Getting ready for a one week river cruise and leaving Friday. Thank you so much - I'll be making more appointments with you in the future!

Love and Light,


Hi Shelley,

I have worked with Shelley many times now and all I can say is WOW! She is a lifesaver and honestly, her sessions and recordings have improved my health, relationships and finances tremendously. If you are thinking about doing a session with her, just do it! You will be so thankful that you did!

Warm Regards,

Dear Goddess Shelley,

I wanted to express my deep gratitude to my 2nd amazing healing. It was so filled with unimaginable magic...hard to express in the human language.

I tried to post this on your Facebook comments section on your Facebook homepage. But unfortunately I am not very good at using Facebook. I am just learning. So I don’t think anything posted.

I’ve always felt I had a connection the Greek God Apollo…perhaps many past lives as one of the oracles at the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi.

Have a miracle-filled Wesak Week!

Dearest Shelley,

Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart -- thank you for your time and laser-focused attention!

What a truly gifted healer you are -- I feel lighter -- almost euphoric and know I am pain-free.

Best of all, I feel my soul has been liberated from my recurring self-sabotage bondage.

I woke up the next morning, still feeling excited, energized and uplifted, then remembered all the important tips Shelley provided regarding starting my day to keep me in the higher vibration. I fully intend to make it part of my daily spiritual practice and I appreciate having practical guidance to ground in all the information.

Look out world!!


I wanted to let you know that thanks to you my Dosha is much more balanced ...definitely has helped calm my flame. I was telling Dorthe yesterday that since the second session I can drink my coffee and eat my breakfast without my face getting red or swelling up and I haven’t had to take any nasal decongestant since that time. That was on 14 April. In fact I have been eating gluten a little bit and I’ve even had some dairy with no effects. I’m still getting some rosacea with high stress situations, heat flash situations or some alcohol but nothing to the degree that I used to. I will be excited to see how it continues to be completely balanced after my next session. And my spine was completely aligned with my sacrum I’ve had no pain since - yay!!!!! All this in only 2 sessions. Love and thank you thank you to you and your spiritual team

~Sandy L.

Dear Shelley,

It has been my absolute honor and great pleasure to connect with you yesterday and I am feeling deeply grateful for everything you and every helping being did to and for me yesterday. You are truly blessed and have a great, great god-given gift to be able to help like that! 

After our session I was quite overwhelmed in a very positive way. I felt my body like never before. I felt massive energy movements. And about 1 hour later, when I sat down to meditate, usually my body starts to clean itself from dense energies, but yesterday I sat down and everything became almost instantly very quiet. That was a new one and surprised me a lot.

Then, last night, I woke up with a pain at the left side of my body. Between ribs and hips, near left kidney. It hurt so much, I had problems moving. I felt immediately that this was an energetic blockage, as I knew my guides, angels and helpers are always cleaning and upgrading me at night. 

But this was a big one, so I tried to sit upright in order to release it. I succeeded to a degree that the pain went, but will continue to work on it tonight, as it is sitting now right below my left ribs, fortunately way less painful. I think this could be connected to the paralysis on the left side I had as a newborn. And with your help, I have been able to feel, pinpoint and (will) release it. I am beyond grateful!!!

Today I woke at 4:20 am full of energy, I felt very clear and steady and able to remain aware in the moment more often.

You were right on this, too: My mind is constantly blabbering, thinking about past or future events or picking up thoughts of others or diving in other timelines.

Right now, I am at the office feeling my body trying to move on its own to release more of the dense, old energies, I feel steady, but at the same time vulnerable, wanting to go home and meditate in an instant.

You were so unbelievably kind and I felt an immediate connection to you and your beautiful energy.

And when you offered the 30 minute free reading after the connection mess we had - I just decided to book the 3-session healing package in order to work with you and learn from you more!

Much love,
~Marion G.

I had called into Cari Murphys show yesterday, I was past dire need of help with Brain & Body communicating , plus Brain and Downunder ;) not communicating. It had gone on for a very long time, though I've had paid session with a few master healers, nothing clicked or changed drastically. Gheez! Whats a girl to do here to get this resolved BUT, now, when you worked on me, you noticed that I was processing collectives Depression too, and past lives that were still interfering with sensuality & enjoyment and I actually felt "Alive" again. I was upbeat all day, No procrastinating, was Happy Inside out. I jumped my husband both morning and night! Hah! I even woke up at 6am (which NEVER happens) and sharing the morning with him before work.

Now that Ladies, is a Miracle in itself.

Thank You Shelley, You're on a Magical Path Ahead.


On the day I was supposed to have my 50th birthday party, I awoke to an unusually intense headache and nausea. This lasted for several hours and at the rate I was going, I would have to cancel my party if I didn’t get any relief!

I reached out to Shelley and she immediately started working on me. When she said she was finished, I got up and miraculously the headache and nausea were completely gone! I can’t thank her enough.

~Amy S.

Thank you, Shelley, for everything! I was crying every day for over a year and then I saw you live on Corrine Gorillo. I took a chance that you weren’t all booked up for your half price healing session. I almost cancelled because I was afraid that I would cry uncontrollably and not get through it. That first phone healing session was amazing, I stopped crying every day after that. The relentless pain (heart break) that I was experiencing was finally releasing it’s grip on me. You knew that I was questioning all that I was taught about God, you helped open my eyes, my mind and my heart. I will be forever grateful, you are amazing and I am so glad that you are spreading your wings wider and following your dreams!

I love you, Shelley!

~Wendy Y.

I’ve been on a spiritual journey for a while after seeing several functional medical practitioners and doctors for health issues that were a mystery to all of them. I realized the issues I had were manifesting as physical problems, but were caused by something other than the physical. I’ve worked with several healers and I believe they all came into my life for a reason and helped along my journey.

My sessions with Shelley have been exceptional. She was incredibly accurate with uncovering things that happened in my life as a child and spot on when identifying health related issues. She also told me about things my brother was struggling with and yes they too were 100% accurate. She is supportive, nurturing and lightening fast. She addressed all my endocrine issues in the healing, worked with my Chakras, alleviated the severe pain in my lower back and hips that keeps me awake at night. She suggested a variety of tools and things I could do to support my healing.

I physically felt the healing move through my body and felt very at peace after.

I also participated in her live Sedona call and I was BLOWN AWAY by the energy of that call. My body was receiving an incredible amount of energy. It was something I have NEVER experienced before. I will never miss one of her Sedona Live calls again!

I will continue to work with her. She really is a special healer.

~Lisa B.

Shelley is a powerful energy healer working directly with God and the angels. Her clairvoyant sight is crystal clear. She approaches the session with love in her heart, no judgement, and so much wisdom. Her sessions make me feel better immediately, I can feel the positive energy shift. I am so grateful that I was guided to her work, as it has been truly transformative for me.


Thank you so much for your time and talents yesterday. You made me feel very comfortable for this first time experience.

My follow up mammogram was clear today just as I felt it would be. Always reassuring to hear the words though.

Thank you for preparing me for some of the after effects of the healing - as I woke during the night, I just embraced the karma burn off. My digestive system has appreciated the release. Had good energy today so I went for a lovely walk after the imaging, really enjoyed the crisp morning. Sinuses have been less obvious today.

Looking forward to seeing what listening to the recording will include. That is such a gift.

Have a wonderful evening. Love what you do for us, so kind.

~ Jeaneen Z.

Oh thank you soooo much for an amazingly uplifting call. What a shift! I can not thank you enough. I got so much clarity as to why I been feeling low and anxious lately, because I’m feeling the collective energy and drama that is going on in the world... I feel like it’s lifted now.

You have amazing healing abilities as well as intuition what the underlying issues are.

I was very intrigued and amazed to know I have 1 unified chakra upgraded from the 7, I been feeling it some how and now that makes perfect sense. Never heard about this before.

I also really appreciate your guidance in soul purpose and as you said I have healing hands I been getting more energetic heat coming from my hands since our call. My physical body also feels so much lighter today.

Thank you so much and will definitely have another session with you!

Lots of love

Lisa ❤️

This was my first time having an angel reading but any fears I had going in were quickly erased. Shelly explained everything in detail as she went along and made me feel completely safe the entire session. Her insights were spot on. I have experienced many incredible things since our session. It’s like a dark cloud has been lifted and I have been happier, more energetic, and feel so much more connected to myself for the first time in a long time! If you are dealing with any sort of depression or autoimmune illness, go see Shelley now! She is very knowledgeable and gifted in these areas. I can’t thank Shelly enough for this AWESOME experience!!!


Oh what divine timing, I’m tuning into the moment you begin our sessions…this time I opened this up the second you posted it…I was at a loss for words, so much profound healing, very emotional, I burst out crying. Had a very intense day yesterday, spent the evening cutting cords and releasing energies. There was a physical altercation on the train, while I have my 3 children with me. Fear was there but did not override me, I kept my children safe. Loving the physical feeling I get with the brainwave attunements, lots of internal pressure then it eases into a comforting feeling.

~Sky Y.

Last week I had an amazing healing session with Shelley Paxton Esler. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it, such a beautiful healing energy. Shelley was able to get to the bottom of, and heal, a lot of my past life issues which I had an idea of, but nobody has ever been able to touch on before. So many aha moments (which I am still having) and I feel much lighter than I did. Wonderful and incredible. Thank you so much once again Shelley!

feeling blessed,

~Deborah D.

Earlier today I had an angel healing session with Shelley Esler. The shift that I have felt since I’ve gotten off the phone with her is unbelievable…now believable! The time she devoted to me was so precious & she was so heartfelt, caring, & compassionate. I felt this session on a mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual level. THIS IS REAL!!! She was amazing & I am so appreciative & grateful that I took the step forward to receive this. THANK YOU SHELLEY!!! You were amazing & are very passionate with what you do & say. Thank you! Such a huge release!

~Danielle C.

I’m not certain I have the words to describe my experience with Shelley… I am a healer myself and was blown away by her gifts and ability to see and help me with my blind spots and directions. I recommend Shelley 100% and look forward to working with her again and again!

Shelley - you are loving, kind, and gifted! So blessed by our time together!

~Jackie D-B.

Signed up for Shelley’s Power of Now (coaching call) and it was fabulous! She worked with our brainwaves and then did a fabulous healing session.

I slept like a baby. I have signed up for several commitments currently but when completed I will definitely book some more sessions with Shelley.

Thank you Shelley Paxton Esler for all you do and offer. It is appreciated.

~Anita R.

Oh Shelley, that was wonderful (The Power of Now coaching call)! I felt intense cold, especially in my hands. The brainwave activation was so much more intense, usually I have felt pressure in my head, this time I felt warbling and jittering, my throat tightened up so much then the calming energy and light dissipated it. I don’t visualize but see waves of energy in my mind. I saw each brainwave change and flow. I felt the animals come, a big energetic wave that pushed me back. The explanations were so helpful and interesting. The paternal and maternal lines make so much sense in my life and family, and the trauma and past lives. So many physical and emotional issues you mentioned. especially my mouth and jaw and everything associated with them. I am honored to have this session with you! There’s so much more I could add, hehehehe! Much love and thank you again! xoxo

~Sky Y.

I have had many amazing experiences with Shelley Paxton Esler, she is a truly gifted healer. I am currently going through a very difficult separation and her insights, love and guidance is helping me so much and it is flowing through to my sons. Highly recommend Shelley! And a big thank you to Corin and the beautiful souls I have met through Angel Alchemy, it was being a part of this soulful community that gave me the strength to leave my partner as we both weren’t living from our highest authentic selves. And so the journey continues. <3

~Louise M., Australia

Shelley Paxton Esler is an (earth) angel! I was fortunate to receive a free healing session from her and it went beyond my expectations! It felt like I had a bath one the session was over. I am just waiting to see what happens the next few weeks but so far so good! Thanks Shelley!

~Keyva T.

I had my energy healing/angel reading with Shelley Paxton Esler last Friday evening. It can't be a coincidence (there are no coincidences!) that she was the person who reached out to me for my free angel reading from the 21 Day Angel Power journey.  We have a few similar major life experiences in common - events that have changed the course of my life.  Shelley was incredible.  The things that she told me and the insights and suggestions she share were so on target that it literally gave me goosebumps and brought me to tears a few times (in a good way!).  Thank you, Shelley, for the amazing session.  And thank you Corin Grillo for offering these readinsg as part of the Angel Power program - it was very powerful.

~Colleen A.

I have had I think 5 sessions with Shelley.  We connected in a totally random way on LinkedIn.  She sent a wanting to connect invite.

What was so weird about it is I do this work, but I don't publish it on LinkedIn.  My bio it totally corporate business.  I accepted and look her up, then messaged her as to why she wanted to connect and she said she liked my energy.

I was in desperate need of emotional and physical healing.  I was going through a lot and I asked God to put someone in my path that I needed!!! A day later - BOOM!

I have gone to a lot of people and like I said I am a healer as well but nothing like her.  D*mn!  She is sooooooo gifted!  I can't even tell you.  She is spot on.  I feel 1000% better than I did a month ago.  I am going through a huge transformation and she helped me so much.  I am so grateful!

I feel healing at such a deep level.  My back has hurt me since I was 14 and I've got to tell you NO ONE has been able to heal it.  She has!!!  My back hardly ever hurts now and I'm 50!  She's the REAL DEAL!

~Lisa L.

Hi Shelley,

Our call a couple of weeks ago gave me a lot to think about and work on.  My energies were low and I was miserable and you picked up on every emotion I was going through.  You also gave me so much helpful advice which I took on board.  

I've been through the mill but I'm coming out stronger and I've learned so much.  I don't feel stuck anymore and I wanted to thank you.  You are an amazing person!  So gentle and kind and so good at what you do! xxx

~Michelle B.

After Listening to the mini healing to Remove Yeast and Candida - CLICK HERE - part of Restoring Your Healthy Gut - Check It Out:

Felt the energy rumbling and shifting in my stomach thank you Shelly xxx

~Michelle B.

Shelley Paxton Esler is an AMAZING healer! I have been working with her for over 2 years now! I continue to heal old and new stuff, learn and grow! I highly recommend her!!

~Cheryl S.

Shelley is an Amazing Healer! I am so glad she is posting (join my Facebook Group so you don't miss out!) so that more people can experience how great it is to work with her and how very effective her work is!  <3

~Barbara A.

I've been working with Shelley Paxton Esler for a while now, and she's truly a very, very gifted healer. Instantaneous healings for me, as well as my mom who had a 19-year-old painful injury. Gone! If you have anything, anything at all that you're ready to move on from - I'd highly recommend scheduling a session with Shelley. You'll be amazed at how quickly, she'll be able to help you let go of anything that no longer serves. She's worth every damn penny!

~Dorthe A.

Thank you so much for the Cutting Cords and Clearing Implants & Entities meditation (my current FREE gift -- see the home page).  I've fallen prey to some nasty energy sucking and though I've done cord cutting I still struggled immensely... this could not have come at a better time.  Really powerful meditation!  Already feel better!

~Pixie D.

Shelley is amazing!  I haven't told her this yet, because I'm just realizing it, I no longer need my allergy pills!  I don't remember the last time I took one!  I watched her video on seasonal allergies on her Loving Energy Facebook page months ago (CLICK HERE to watch yourself!).  I felt shifts during the broadcast, but didn't think of it again since then.  Thank you for sharing your gift!

~Jill E.

So I was chosen for a free 30 min reading with Shelley Paxton Esler after I signed up for Angel Power.  She did awesome work!  She confirmed lots of stuff that I was suspicious about.  Some of what she told me also caught me by surprise but it all made sense as to what was taking place in my life.  Thank you for the opportunity to recieve this energy healing.  The pain in my back has subsided a little and I'm talking to my heart and trying to remove the walls that I built around it so that I can receive the love.  Again thank you so much!!

~Akosua F., Texas

Shelley Paxton Esler is an amazingly talented healer!  She has helped me, my mom, and several of my friends in way we never thought possible.  My mom had an instant, miraculous healing of a 19-year painful shoulder injury!

~Dorthe A., Pennsylvania

I asked Shelley to send me some angels (as I had a stomach and headache!).  I laid down to call asleep and woke up 7 hours later forgetting I had a stomach and headache!  I was good as new!  The best part, I never told Shelley what my issue was!  Thank you Shelley and the angels, you are amazing!

~Colleen, Minneapolis, MN

After a couple months of ever increasing pain and loss of function in my right shoulder and arm, Shelley was able, through the help and guidance of her Healing Team, to clear and release this from me.  She truly has a God-given gift to see the body, energy field, and aura and zero in on what needs to be healed.  You'll end up asking yourself why you didn't have a session with Shelley sooner!

~ Rita Thiel, Ocracoke, North Carolina

Shelley is truly connected to source and the divine. She channels the most profound healing, messages, and energies.  I am truly in awe and full of gratitude after the most transformational session we had together.


~Sky Ye, Australia

Shelley, I am sitting here crying tears of pure joy and really really feel a huge shift happening today!  My heart feels wide open and so entirely blessed.  I am remembering myself again.  Many thanks and so much gratitude.  I seriously am feeling so much joy and love right now.  So amazing and healing is really occurring.  Your are amazing and your connection is incredible.  Take wonderful care.

~Heidi Olson, Minneapolis, MN

Merry Christmas, Shelley!  You have helped me in ways most can't imagine.  You've changed my life!  I love you!  God bless you and Corin, this is a scary path at time but with you guys I'm not alone!

~Shelley Conroy, Chicago IL

Shelley I want to say THANK YOU FOR MY ANGEL HEALING you gave me months ago...everything said had a HUGE IMPACT on me.  You gave me very good advice and the healing that took place that day was such an experience I will never forget & the healing I received I can't even describe how amazing it's been.  I do need another one and I do look forward to another session soon as much has occurred since then.

~Niese L.

I didn't know what to expect after my session with Shelley, except that I knew I was going to be healing, detoxing, and receiving positive energy after my session for weeks, maybe months to come. I was just prepared and ready to accept this healing. During the session, my tears flowed and I didn't know why. This was before Shelley told me I might experience this. I don't usually get headaches and I was feeling lots going on in my head as she told me the angels were working on me. I also had tingling in my neck before she told me Jesus showed up to heal my thyroid and throat chakra. I love Jesus! I even had a visit from Mary who I adore. Such an amazing experience that I can continue sharing, but the most surprising part was when Shelley told me I have a gray cat with green eyes loving me...walking between and around my feet, letting me know I'm safe and loved. This was hard to hear as I don't care for cats. They scare me. I was attacked by a cat when I was a teenager. The surprise...when I left work there under my car was a big gray green-eyed cat! Every single hair on my body stood up. The energy that washed through me was very cool. I went from fear to love and happiness in seconds...smiling at this cat who was staring at me so boldly. Thank you Shelley! Thank you angels for letting me know your with me to let me know I'm surrounded by love and that I am safe. I deeply and completely accept all this healing.


Oh my gosh!  I just had a healing session with Shelley Paxton Esler!! Everyone, I am blown away!!  Just amazing!!  She is truly wonderful!  Everything made sense.  I highly suggest everyone has an Angel healing session with her!!  Thank you so much again, Shelley!

~Shelley C., Illinois

Just wanted to share with you all that I had the most INCREDIBLE Angel Healing session with Shelley Paxton Esler.  I was and still am completely amazed by what Shelley did for me.  I can't even put it into words!  Shelley went waaaay above and beyond ALL my expectations.  She knew so many things about me and not only in this life but in past lives as well.  Her healing abilities are beyond amazing!  The healing was so intense that I went straight to bed after our session and didn't wake up until the next morning.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about Shelley, her healing abilities, her spirit, her connection with the Angels.  She also gave me tools to help me out that I can use on a daily basis.  If anyone is thinking about getting a healing session with Shelley -- DO IT!  Many many thanks to Shelley and the Angels!!!

~Natasha T., Nova Scotia, Canada

If you ever want to make big changes in your life, energy and healing, contact Shelley Paxton Esler. She is a talented, gifted healer!!! I had another session with her yesterday and it was F-AMAZING as my son would say. Not only did she cut cords and balance chakras, energy, and I don't know what all else, she also facilitated a full healing between me and my father who passed 5 years ago. I am also communicating so much better with my angels. I feel so filled with light and love and positivity. And just after our session I took out the trash and found not one, but three feathers along the way.

~S.E. Walker, Texas

Shelley, Thank you for my Aurora Cleansing.  I didn't realize how much of an impact this was going to make on my life until I felt heaviness being lifted away.  I feel truly blessed  in so many ways.  Clarity, Energy, & an Abundance of warmth and happiness has been renewed in me since my session with you.  You truly have a beautiful gift and I feel so amazing that your gift has helped clear away Blockage I once felt.  Your gift & guidance is the beginning of my journey & I can honestly say I now feel safe and ready to venture into a new chapter.  Thank you and I very much look forward to taking advantage of the programs and memberships you offer.

~Neise L., San Antonio, Texas

Today I had the great honor and privilege to meet with Shelley Paxton Esler. Her ability to channel the Angels to bring loving and positive shifts while she supported and guided me through the necessary transitions was AMAZING! She knew much about me and my needs, her gift truly is beautiful.

When we were wrapping up I was in a bit of a daze about all that she had said and I had experienced but this was such a positive reinforcement to what is going on in life at this moment. After I regrouped I felt strong in my faith (sun 😉) and totally refreshed. Thank you! #MuseMaven

~Angie G., Dallas, Texas

I want to thank Shelley for the 1 hour healing session we had with her for our daughter. Shelley is by far the most accurate healer I have ever met. She is amazing. The information she gave us during our session was amazing. She is so wonderful and really goes over and above her service. I wrote down so much during our session. She is so gentle and loving you feel her love coming through the session. She is truly truly a blessing. I feel so grateful to the Angels for bringing Shelley into our lives. Feeling truly truly blessed.

~Neelam and Nick S., New Zealand

I have had the blessing to have had readings from 3 of Corins Angel Alchemy school and they were beautiful.  Cari Bream, Shelley Esler, and Rea Takuira.

Shelley Esler was a beautiful soul and healer.  She went above and beyond our 30 min. session.  She also gave me lots of tools to keep working with like mantras, breathing techniques, and symbols to research when we were done.  It's hard to put into words how the spirits feels and your energy after a healing session but it's absolutely worth it.  She is an amazing healer.

~Tamara E., Casper, Wyoming

I wanted to say Thank you to Shelley Paxton Esler for the amazing Angel healing session I had today.  She has so much information to give me.  She taught me a lot about myself and with her gifts and the help of the Angels.  She knew what I was feeling and that my past lives were a main source of what I was dealing with today.  She took her time and explained the whole healing process as it was happening.  I felt such a release -- I laughed, I cried, and I finally felt peace.  I know I'm a work in progress but Shelley gave me the tools that I need to stay grounded, protected, and the knowledge from the Angels that I am loved and they are always with me.

Love & Light,

~Valerie R., California

I had an amazing Session will Shelley Paxton Esler myself on Saturday morning.... It's now Monday ....and taken me this long to gather myself together to try to even find the words to explain the session and the utter joy, peace... calm and profound stillness I felt after my session. She opened her self to me.... let me see the Magic of truly working with the Angels and God... and letting them love and work with and through you. I have started and stopped my journey so many times... lost focus, direction... stopped listening to my heart and soul .... let my EGO take over.... Shelley Paxton Esler is a investigator... miner (through her the Angels can go deep) teacher...and student a incredible go between until you can strengthen your connection yourself and a trustworthy guided healer.... I am blessed and truly thankful to have had this experience... to see and feel where I am learning to land. Thank you Shelley.

~Dawn F., Canada

Hi Shelley,

I've felt lots of changes and shifts in my beings as you mentioned may happen especially around my head and temples. I've felt close to my guides and source and feel a sense of space around me.  Today I could feel my heart area expanding in love and a feeling of being totally in the moment.  I've had a few anger wobbles and old anxiety/worry patterns around not being good enough today....I didn't mention at the time but Jesus & Mary I call on a lot so interesting they were part of the session.  I feel freer and a little apprehensive about that I guess as it's time to step up to the real me and my purpose.  Actually I feel so free that I've observed myself looking for things to worry about( my daughter is unwell) as we do to fill in the space!  I'm so very grateful as I don't receive readings etc from many people only Bars swaps- I see you too are a Bars Practitioner!  It was so so much more than I could have expected. I have given your website to a few people and when my website is up and running I will share that with you too. Thank you again, I wanted to give you feedback as I know how important it is. Love & Light,

~Michelle K., New Zealand

Thank you so much Shelley Paxton Esler for the wonderful healing session.  I felt amazing afterwards!! (And still do).  So much work was done and is still going on.  I made so many notes of things to carry on with and also things that Shelley picked up on.  I am truly grateful for you giving me your time and energy and so blessed to have been able to connect with you.  Words can't really justify the thanks I feel!  All I can say is if you ever have the chance to connect with Shelley - you must go for it!

She is truly a beautiful lady with a beautiful soul.

~Meegan C., New Zealand

I have the most amazing session with Shelley Paxton Esler.  I have to come later to describe it more because now I am exhausted.  So much was done and so much is still going on.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  She is pure love and light.  And Shelley, I felt that your dream is coming true soon.  Now I have to say good night and healing continuous.

~Merja T., Finland

Would very much like to thank Shelley Paxton Esler for the wonderful and incredible healing session I had with her.  I wrote pages of things that she spoke about and feel so blessed to have connected with this lady.  Thanks once again for your time and energy!

~Meegan Jane T., Australia

Hi all,

I'd like to share about the beautiful and powerful healing I experienced yesterday with Shelley Paxton Esler.  Shelley created a beautiful, safe, and loving energy which transcended continents!  And allowed so much deep healing to happen, which I am still experiencing today.  Thank you so much, Shelley!

~Susan C., Ireland

This afternoon I got an Angelic healing from Shelley Paxton Esler, what an amazing lady.  On the other side of the world, I could feel her energy.  She is SO sparkling, SO good at what she does.  For the last 2 weeks I have been treated for pain in my shoulders.  Now the pain in my left shoulder is completely gone!  But what's even more exciting -- she connected me with one of my guardian angels for the first time in my life.  I am so grateful she came into my life and her group.  This woman is so sparkling.  She is energy.  It was awesome.  I love all of the information and tips she gave and sent to me.  If you ever have the chance to connect with her, do it!  Don't even think about it.  No words can express my gratitude for you, Shelley.  Thank you!

~Anita G., Belgium

I have used Shelley for Reiki, and energy work. She has recommended books and links on the computer to help me. I feel positive and energized every time she works on me. I recommend her highly! She has worked on my daughter as well with the same results. Run! Don’t walk to Shelley! She will change your life! Feel free to contact me for a reference.

~Patty Drysch-Olson, Wauconda, Illinois

Wow Shelley, wow I’m out of my words. I’m crying right now but a good cry. I can feel amazing energy coming my way. Oh my GOD thank you soooooo much. When I read your text the kids at the day home instantly become very quiet( which never happen before) and I become very quiet and start repeating receive, receive, receive. Amazing experience. After you finished kids start playing like immediately ( keep them quiet please, HA HA…). thank you , thank you.

~Natash C.. Calgary, Canada

Thank you so much Shelley. I knew the moment you started. I felt heat in my body, hand, neck and shoulders. I also got green grass, open spaces, birds speak to me all the time, they sit on my sills to get my attention. This was a beautiful experience for me. My hands are tingling and yes at one point I also felt dizzy… You are a wonderful gift to all of us.

~Grace W., Scotland

Oh thank you so much. I feel amazing today. So much energy flowing through me it’s crazy.

Thank you so much for all your help yesterday… just talking with you helped so much… xo

~Christine D., Canada

I had my first opportunity to experience my first Reiki session with Shelley. I was a little bit nervous but my fears and anxieties disappeared as my body began to relax. I began to feel peace within myself as my fears and negativity were lifted from me. It was a spiritual peace I’d never experienced before. My right eye began to tear as my mind and body experienced the benefits of Reiki. I felt radiant. When the session was over I didn’t want to leave as this was such a positive reinforcement to what I am facing in my life right now. I walked away feeling strong in my faith and totally refreshed.

~Joyce, Wauconda, Illinois

Hi Shelley, I wanted to thank you for such an amazing experience! Still processing everything. I feel wonderful and a quiet joy inside. You’ve helped me confirm, release, and provided food for thought. You are so full of love and I am very grateful I got the opportunity I’ve never had before.

~Debbie, Florida

Wow! I can just say Wow! I had an amazing experience, Shelly gave me a session and it was mind blowing. For all of you who are looking for clearance; a direction on what next steps to take; or simply need to feel wonderful; I highly suggest her as a warming and high visionary being that will inspire you through the angels!!!!! Thank you so much for this session Shelly and hope to work with you again!!!!!


Since I've been in touch with Shelly...I feel the change within. I would like to add the same and echo what everyone else is saying about her... All that comes to my mind about Shelly is..."Bless her"... She made a huge, positive difference... Love and Light to you... May God bless you Shelly xx


So...It's taken me a few days to understand what is actually going on in my life. A few days an a session with Shelly!!! These 21 days have been incredibly incredible. I can't say I'm at the end of the tunnel. But I am starting to see a light at the end of it. The most wonderful thing I've been told in these past days is that I look so incredibly wonderful! Better and younger! I'm getting lots of negativity from my husband's side, but amazingly to me it's not touching me at all! I do care and have feelings for him. But he is no longer the loving, caring person I married. He's becoming a puppet in another person's hands...

~Mel, Seriate, Italy

Shelly thank you so much for today's session. I really can't thank you enough for the session. I feel like a kid again and I feel like my life has been significantly altered. Thank you so much. To be honest I think that I am so grateful I could explode.


Well...I believe that something wonderful happened to me tonight ! I had my first and not last healing session with Shelley and words are not enough to describe how I am feeling now. Shelley is a wonderful passionate,genuine Soul with one strong desire to help and heal our hearts and bodies. She gave me love ,hope and desire to learn and discover my life purpose . This is only the beginning.

Much Love .

 ~Pascale R.

 I've had personal experiences with Shelley many times. I've referred her to family and friends and they're all blown away by her gifts and how she serves others in such a genuine way.

Most recently, I asked for her opinion. I was crying and really hurting. She saw I was in need and offered me a reading. It was extraordinary. Miraculous, really!

She's Pure Magic! Love everything about her.

~Janine B.

I had booked a session with Shelley after reading the wonderful testimonies. This Angel blew my mind and opened my heart. She gave me direction. She gave me purpose. She gave me strength. She gave me a reason to believe in myself.

After the session,( I signed up for Reiki one and Reiki two) my heart exploded. I still have my issues to work on. But my confidence is here and I feel lifted.

Shelley opened the channel.

Do Not Hesitate. This is the best gift you can give yourself.

~Pascale D. R.

Shelley is Awesome! I have experienced her gifts first hand. I have received great support, advice, and healing. Give yourself a gift that will keep on giving and have a session with Shelley. It’s life changing.

~Rea H.

Beautiful- Shelley is a gift and truly awesome!

~Sarah S.

Shelley has been an amazing gift to me and countless others! Her connection, her love,is so true! Shelley has an amazing gift and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with her. I too have referred her to family and friends. She explains things so well to people, that have not had a session like this, that they feel comfortable with her and what they are learning and healing.

~Cheryl S.

Shelley is a gift to the world. She's truly AMAZING!

~Natasha C.

I have watched Shelley grow through her Alchemy program. Wow! How she shines! She is a true gift. An awesome being. And a wonderful friend for life. Her commitment, dedication, and passion to help others heal has no limits. She helped me through some tough times. Her healing words helped me daily. Truly blessed to have Shelley in my life.

~Grace W.

After my Phone conversation and clearing with Shelley yesterday: I was so overcome with emotions and felt even more emotions today. She said this would happen. But Whoa! What a roller coaster ride. Long story short! I had some medical bills that I was worried about being able to pay. I requested financial assistance about a month abo. Since I am a single parent; I have really had to watch my money. I PRAYED that the hospital would give me a big discount. They did even better! Today, I got a letter in the mail saying that they were going to absorb the entire bill! That is $1500 that I no longer have to worry about! I feel so blessed right now! Thank you!

~Wendy Y.

I just had the most intuitive Angel Healing Session with Shelley!!! I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an angel healing. She went above and Beyond! Thank you Shelley!


I just wanted to say Thank You and send much love and gratitude to Shelley for such an amazing, powerful, and insightful healing session today! You were so on point. And really helped to confirm a bunch of stuff for me. As well as helping me have more clarity and direction! So grateful for your intuitive guidance and support. It couldn’t have been more perfect. If you are in need of some serious Angel healing, support, and guidance; I can personally recommend this lovely lady. She rocks some serious Angel juju! I am sure no matter what you are dealing with she can help you through it. Thanks again Shelley!

~Rangimarie M.

I am going through a divorce after 21 years of Marriage. It was the old line “I love you but I am not in love with you”. He had an affair! I thought my heart was going to break for the rest of my life. I cried every night for almost a year straight. Then I heard about Shelley Esler. She is an amazing healer. Since my session with her, my heartbreak is almost gone. I’m learning to love myself and live for me. She is worth every penny and then some.

~Wendy B.

Oh! My! God! I just finished my session with Shelley and it went way over! But the healing and cleaning and stripping away of the stuff that keeps me bogged down was amazing. I am feeling light, giddy, and oh so amazing! I can feel the Angels still working. Shelley is amazing, truly gifted, and plugged into the Angels!!!!

~Susan W.

Thank you Shelley Esler for freeing me of all my past life issues with the help of Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Native Americans, and all the Angels.You blew my expectations out of the water. You gave me so much knowledge, understanding and power of ME that I feel free.

~Lisa A.

If you’ve ever felt like you had steel tendrils of spider webs encasing every bone, nerve, and muscle of your body, restricting almost all physical, emotional, and spiritual movement. Then you know how I felt before I met Shelley and had my first Angel Healing Session. What Shelley was able to bring to me was not only a sense of belonging and relief, but the pain relief was incredible.

I have had debilitating back pain throughout my spine for almost five years now. I have not slept for a period of more than four hours at a time in as many years. As the pain was so intense. After four years of doctors treatments and heavy doses of narcotic pain relievers (all prescribed) that has finally ended. Through Shelley, I was able to find the strength to focus and bring in the healing energy of Emerald Green and Amethyst Protection of Michael. On the morning of February 2, 2017 I awoke form at least seven hours of deep sleep with NO PAIN ANYWHERE (in my head, neck or back). I felt incredibly light. My face showed less strain. I saw and felt the difference in my facial expressions. It takes hard work each day to maintain lower pain levels. But when I feel the deep stabbing, I bring in the Emerald and then the Deep Blue Light and I get relief within a short amount of time. It’s been as simple as that.

Thank You Shelley for bringing my to my Angels again.

So Much Love to You!

~Rita T.

I had my first Angel Healing with Shelley, and I can’t thank her enough. She confirmed and made sense of the feelings that I have had my whole life. Her healing was so powerful and healing. It brought me to tears. The energy flowed from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. Not only did she do the healing but she gave me tools to work with on my own to continue the healing. I have never felt so free, clear, and whole in my life! Thank you so much Shelley, you are such a gift to this world. I am blessed to have you.

~Quimby I.

I've been on a healing journey for almost 15 years and all I can say is WOW!  Shelley completely and accurately filled in all the blanks that were missing and jumpstarted a whole new journey to focus on. Her amazing energy and authenticity made me feel an instant connection.   She went over and beyond during my healing session and I found so much value on the insight and intuitive wisdom she channeled.  Even though I felt I was pretty grounded in my life,  she provided me clear direction in how to truly be in my core; one of the very first immediate results from this session,  just minutes into our reading!!!!  

I can't possibly thank the universe enough for gifting me the privilege of this blessing...

~Barb L., Wisconsin

Today I received a sign. Profound, comforting, and beyond coincidence.

But first. I need to share some history.

My sister Debbie drowned here in August. A few days prior to that happening she, her daughter Mandi, and I were on that same area of beach. We discovered the desiccated remains of a dolphin. We studied it; discussed it; and salvaged a few bones and teeth from the remains. Two days later, I got word that Debbie had drowned and I rushed to the beach. I arrived as EMS responders were performing CPR. Debbie’s body lay on a backboard. It was necessary to move the backboard up the beach as waves were lapping up onto it. When the rescuers moved the backboard; one of them took a piece of skin from that dolphin and threw it out of the way.

Mandi was airlifted to the hospital and Debbie was placed in the bed of a truck and then in an ambulance where she was soon pronounced dead.

This morning I went to the tackle shop where I work part-time in the summer. It isn’t open yet but sometimes the owner is in. I tried all the doors and they were locked. When I came back around to the front of the store there was a pickup with a freshly deceased dolphin on a backboard in the bed. The marine biologist who had been notified of it was airing up her tires. She was on her way back to her lab to do a necropsy. She told me the dolphin, which filled the bed of that truck, (8-10 feet long, weighed 400-500 pounds) was a female and pregnant.

You told me that Dolphins were attending me on my journey. This morning I saw a dolphin.

How do I account for the fact that if I had gone to the shop 5 minutes earlier or later I would have missed the connection. If I had gone to the grocery store first, instead of the tackle shop. I would have missed the connection.

And more… Debbie died where a dolphin had washed ashore. I still have the bones from that dolphin. I think the ocean took my sister and gave me back a mother and child. The similarity in the truck, the back board, and the grand animal’s beauty (even in its death) have to be the message promised to me.

I came home and meditated on this. I received the Jackson Brown song “Rock Me On the Water”. The lyrics are so appropriate for me right now.

Thank you so much.

~Ken D.

I just want to say thank you for the healing you did on me. You removed an old curse from my dad’s side of the family. His health has really improved since!!! He is walking so much better now! Endless thank yous and Blessings.


I just wanted to say that I had an amazing healing session with Shelley yesterday. For the first time in months I actually felt joyful and peaceful last night. And peaceful and relaxed. Today, has been a look ropey with lots coming up I think. But so glad I got the session and have started to reawaken!! Thank you for all the tips and daily techniques trying out the mantras. Thank you Shelley and thank you Angels.

~Donna G.

I had a session with Shelley and was awesome. She connected with the Angels and gave me peace , healing and self understanding. If you are worry about time and money, do not be, she will give you five stars service and will stay connecting with you meanwhile the Angels desire it. Thanks a lot for the session, I’m a differente person after that.

~Eduardo G., Huntersville, North Carolina

I don't know exactly what you did or how you did it but Mom had a fantastic day yesterday and I felt so much more hope I don't know what happened the day before I think you're right she can't decide whether to stay or go but she had such a great day yesterday and I hope we have a lot more days like that

~Penny K., Canada

I had an amazing, Healing, Reading. With the lovely, Shelley Paxton Ester. She has a wonderful gift of working through a lot of stuff. Quickly and effectively. Truly fantastic. Thank you Shelley. You are truly gifted. Xxx

~Harriet K.

You channel the divine so magnificently! I must share my little excerpt from today with you, I was able to watch most of your video this morning before my doctors appointment...well, I am blown away!!! The symptoms dissipated and there were none to show the doctor. Not fully healed but a major step up compared to how I was feeling and sounding in my lungs!  Thank you ever so much, (I seem to open up easy with you when I tell myself to) and thank you source for your healing light, and thank you to my beautiful guides and angels who lined up our paths xxx

~Sky Ye, Australia