Your Weight Loss Solution

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Your Weight Loss Solution


Have you've tried dieting programs, work out routines, cleanses, fasting, or other holistic approaches to weight loss and not gotten the results you wanted?

That's because these approaches focus on HALF of the problem! So if you've failed to get lasting results, it's not your fault and now is the time to for a new approach!

Weight loss has both physiological and psychological components that have to be addressed and brought into alignment for lasting results. On this group call we addressed both!

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If you're ready to:

  • Get off the merry-go-round of weight gain/loss

  • Free yourself from outside forces controlling your feelings and behaviors

  • Bring in peace, harmony, joy and perfect health into your mind, body, and soul

  • Clear the fear of lack and rejoice in your abundance from God

  • Resonate with your personal Soul Song

Then this is the call for you!

We started with the psychological and spiritual aspects by:

  • Clearing past life issues, memories, and imprints about excess weight

  • Clearing any attachments and entities that you have in your life that are controlling your thoughts, emotions, and actions

  • Freeing yourself from anyone in your life who's a leech or energy drain and driving your behavior

  • Clearing distortions and distractions in how you see yourself and others

  • Resetting patterns and beliefs that food is a lover and comfort to stop emotional eating permanently

  • Clearing shame, blame, guilt, and other negative emotions which causes us to give up - so you can break the cycle once and for all!

  • Strengthening your will power and power center and bringing in renewed self-restraint

  • Bringing in everyone’s Soul Song to resonate within you, elevating you to a higher level of health and well-being emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually

Then we addressed the physiological components of permanent weight loss by:

  • Clearing triggers and stressors, and resetting the energy in your brain and Central Nervous System to break negative looping cycles

  • Clearing any family history of obesity or weight issues

  • Going into every cell of your body to clear survival imprinting from our ancestors and past programming and filling each of those cells with God's infinite abundance

  • Clearing, correcting, and normalizing the pancreas and resetting blood sugar levels so that your system functions at it's optimum level

  • Balancing gut flora and acids in the stomach, increasing and decreasing as needed and reigniting your digestive fires

  • Correcting, balancing, and normalizing Cortisol and Leptin (a fat releasing hormone) levels

  • Helping you metabolize and absorb food properly and release excess fat

  • Encouraging muscle mass growth to keep your fires going

  • And more!

So if you're ready to stop struggling and start enjoying your body again, then let’s find Your Weight Loss Solution together!