The Power of Sedona

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The Power of Sedona


Let this audio connect you to the vortexes, mountains, plant and animal kingdoms, and crystal frequencies found in this magical place for healing on a whole new level!

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In this group call we worked on:

  • Clearing auras

  • Clearing entities

  • Cutting cords

  • Opening up the pathways of elimination

  • Balancing the organs

  • Clearing up emotions

  • Opening up the meridians

  • Letting go of stress, struggle, and conflict

  • Slowing down in order to incorporate the power found here

  • Raising everyone's vibrations

  • Clearing, healing, and upgrading

  • Finding harmony and balance to everything

  • Allowing ourselves to operate with ease and grace

  • Focusing our attention on the light

  • Bringing in happiness, love, bliss, peace, and self-love!

  • And anything else that I'm guided to share with you!

Are you ready to experience The Power of Sedona?!

Check out what Lisa B. thought of the call:

I also participated in her live Sedona call and I was BLOWN AWAY by the energy of that call. My body was receiving an incredible amount of energy. It was something I have NEVER experienced before. I will never miss one of her Sedona Live calls again!”

Please Note: When energy of this magnitude is present, it will interfere with the recording - so the sound quality may not be the best - but the energy it contains is!