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Refresh & Reboot - Back to Basics

Whenever life gets crazy for me, I remind myself to take a step back and look at my practices to make sure everything is as it should be. 

Plus when we stop and reflect, it gives us an opportunity to make adjustments, bring new light in, and sure up our fundamentals.

I've designed a new group coaching call, Refresh & Reboot - Back to Basics, to benefit everyone on a journey of personal growth - from beginners to the more advanced.

In Refresh & Reboot, we'll work on:

  • Cutting cords and transforming any loose ends into unconditional love and reintegrating them into your core

  • Clearing and strengthening your aura on all layers and levels into infinity

  • Strengthening your core

  • Removing and transmutating all entities, extraterrestrials, implants, amphibian and reptilian energies, low energy beings, interdimensional beings, waywards, tricksters, and anything that’s not from God and for your highest good

    Deep clearing and healing on a cellular level 

  • Integrating tools and techniques to enable you to more fully ground and clear yourself in order to protect and shield you in the future

I'll also be sharing with the group a Return to Sovereignty process.  First I'll guide you through the Return to Sovereignty process and help you with each step, then teach you how to do it on your own for yourself!  You'll be able to easily return to this divine state whenever you need to.

I'll also be opening up the line to answer any of your questions and discuss what's on your mind!

Join me for this incredible live call on May 19th @ 4:30pm Central
For ONLY $37!


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