Happy Eyes


Happy Eyes


Let’s face it - life is hard on our eyes.  Maybe you work in front of a computer? Live in a city?  Don’t always sleep and eat the way you should? Or perhaps eye imperfections “run in your family”?  All the pollution, screen strain, stress, tiredness, aging, genetic issues, and more take a toll on our eyes and our ability to see through them with our natural perfection.  Through this audio, you’ll be able to heal, repair, clear, and upgrade your eyes in order to see through them and experience the truth and beauty in our world.

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Upgrade Your Eyes To Their Optimum Perfection!

Through this audio, you will…

  • Optimize your vision to your natural, perfect state of 20/20 vision

  • Normalize pressure by letting go and surrendering all of the pent up pressure

  • Clear stress and strain from eyes and the entire auric field

  • Clear harmful images and damaging impressions lodged in the eyes

  • Reset and bring in any needed repairs to the optic nerves

  • Clear floaters and debris that may be causing interference

  • Bring in retinal repair and rejuvenation

  • Heal scarring and damage around the macular and surrounding areas

  • Restore fluidity and ease of movement

  • Clear any genetic issues that may be impacting the function of your eyes

  • Clear any aging programs and wear and tear

  • Bring in healing for dry eyes, itchy eyes, sensitive eyes, watery eyes, and more

  • Allow your eyes to see clearly again through the perspective of truth and clarity

  • Allow Golden White Light and Primordial White Light to enter and surround your eyes

  • Clear out all pain, stress, fatigue, tiredness, distraction, distortion, blurriness, redness, itchiness, wateriness, etc.

  • Clear, heal, and correct cataracts

  • Release edema, excess tearing, and open and clear any blockages allowing for perfect draining

  • Connect your eyes to your soul, heart, feet, small intestines, hips, ovaries, and breasts

  • Let go of trying to see and solve the future

  • Allow your brain to make clear and sharp images in cooperation with your eyes

  • See things in life in beauty, perfection, and in wholesome ways

  • See all the beauty that is within you, others, and the world

  • Open yourself up to see far and near with greater flexibility and fluidity

  • Clear any and all inflammation and edema in your eyes

  • Clear deep held, buried emotions and unshed tears

  • Bring in a deep contentment and knowledge that all is well!

  • Enjoy a deeper healing through Soul Language complete with a blessing that you need for your, specific eyes