Harness The Healing Power of Sedona


Harness The Healing Power of Sedona


Sedona’s world-wide reputation as a Spiritual Mecca makes it the perfect place for this Life-Transforming and Soul-nourishing phone call. Shelley conducted her energy work LIVE at one of Sedona’s renowned Energy Vortexes. Vortex energy intensifies everything and makes Sedona a huge amplifier. No stone has been left unturned in this incredibly special event.  This replay contains the same power and energy from the LIVE phone call  and it is available to you NOW! 

Harness The Healing Power of Sedona WILL:

  • Clear Mental & Emotional Blockages

  • Detox Physical Organs

  • Eliminate Debilitating Core Beliefs

  • Activate Healthy Genes

  • Open Meridians

  • Eradicate Physical Stress

  • Raise Your Frequency

  • Balance Hormones

  • Align Your Spiritual Being


"That healing from Sedona...Holy cow! It kept knocking me out. I felt the feminine energy coming in the masculine energy,  and something like a zipper when we were connecting the upper and lower chakras..That was cool! Mother Mary, when she was working on the heart I felt mine grow and it actually sped up a bit, like it was excited!  I got light headed a few times! It was amazing! Super Powerful ! Thank you for an amazing healing!"

Cheryl S., Las Vegas, Nevada

The call from Sedona was as powerful as I anticipated!  Energy flowed through easily and strong and the healing began immediately. Not only did Shelley and her Team cleanse and protect the bodies, auras and spirits, but They zeroed in on the excruciating pain I had in my ribs and right upper chest. It was taken care of and HEALED right on the spot! Such a huge relief! Gratitude is flowing for this healing and our teacher!

Rita T., Ocracoke, North Carolina

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