Healing Chronic & Seasonal Allergies


Healing Chronic & Seasonal Allergies


Do you suffer from post sinus drip?  How about fluid in the ears causing hearing or balance issues? Scratching or covering up due to eczema and psoriasis?  Longing for relief from your dry, gritty eyes and chronic wheezing from asthma or other lung issues.  Plagued with autoimmune issues that nothing seems heal on a deep, cellular level?

Whether you’re suffering from seasonal allergies or chronic illness, this audio will bring you relief and healing!

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Calm and soothe your body for increased wellbeing!

Through this audio, you will...

  • Ground and center yourself into the here and now

  • Clear any blocks (known and unknown) that prevent you from receiving healing

  • Clear limiting core beliefs

  • Repair and clear in the gut (the source of our whole body wellness), including removing yeast, candida, parasites, harmful bacteria, and more

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Clear your kidneys

  • Charge your adrenals

  • Clear, transform, and dissipate heavy metals, toxins, harsh chemicals and more from the body

  • Focus on your lungs, release constrictions whether due to allergies or chronic illness, and increase expansion

  • Activate your brain and bring all the frequencies into harmony

  • Work deeply on your sinuses to heal, transform, and repair bringing you back to your perfect state

  • Open up your lymph system and kidneys in order to aid in your quick and easy elimination

  • Balance and upgrade the elements and doshas of your body to restore you to your wholeness and original perfection

  • Bring all organs and all systems into harmony and alignment to live at your best!