Healthy & Happy Central Nervous System


Healthy & Happy Central Nervous System


Everyday life is hard on our bodies, especially our central nervous system.  Maybe you’re experiencing brain fog? Feeling frazzled by stress and the go-go-go of life? Being bombarded with electromagnetic interference modern technology? Experiencing overwhelming anxiety and long for more peace and serenity?  This recording will enable you to clear, transform, neutralize, repair, and strengthen your central nervous system!

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Repair and Strengthen Your Central Nervous System For Increased Peace & Tranquility!

Through this audio, you will…

  • Raise your energy levels

  • Experience a complete brain attunement

  • Align all parts of the brain: cerebellum, brainstem, midbrain, hypothalamus

  • Clean up ancestral lineage on maternal and paternal side

  • Go in deep on the cellular level and aligning the DNA and RNA, which will bring you back to your original crystalline blueprint and the perfection that you are

  • Repair and clear anxiety and stress

  • Repair and strengthen your central nervous system

  • Clear pollution, radio waves, electromagnetic static, interference from everyday items like cell phones and modems to repair damage to the central nervous system and become impervious to future attacks on your system so you don’t react or respond to it

  • Clear medications, toxins, any chemical substances causing harm and dissonance in your body

  • Improve your concentration, power, and focus

  • Clear shock, confusion, and lingering effects from any physical traumas, accidents, or other bodily harm

  • Clear your aura on all layers and levels into infinity

  • Upgrade your central nervous system

  • Quickly and smoothly rebuild and repair the myelin sheath anywhere it’s deteriorated from age, illness, and genetic issues so that it can work at its optimum level

  • Bring in more bliss, peace, serenity, and calming energy

  • Experience Soul Language to take the healing even deeper