Healthy Gut

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Healthy Gut


The digestive system is called the “second brain” due to the amount of neurons found there.  As such, it’s no surprise that your whole body wellness and overall sense of wellbeing is linked to the conditions in your gut.  

Through this audio you’ll be guided through deep and dynamic healing and clearing in order to restore your body and specifically your gut to its natural state of perfection!

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A strong, healthy gut is essential for whole body wellness

Through this audio, you will…

  • Deepen your grounding into your core and your spiritual connection

  • Cut cords, release entities and other attachments

  • Clear and strengthen your aura

  • Clear and remove stress, worry, fear, grief, sadness, and more

  • Experience the highest frequencies of healing and pain relief laced throughout the recording

  • Experience frequencies to clear out yeast, mold, and candida overgrowth throughout the recording

  • Clear candida from all layers of the body

  • Remove cold, dark energy from the digestive tract

  • Reignite your digestive fires for improved health and absorption

  • Bring all organs and systems into perfect alignment, communication, and harmony

  • Clear out heavy metals, toxins, pollutants, harmful bacteria, pathogens, parasites, and other interferences

  • Bring relief and healing to tissues torn, ulcerated, inflamed, leaking, and otherwise not working optimally

  • Restore proper absorption of water and nutrition levels

  • Improved parastasis

  • Rejuvenate and regenerate with stem cells and improve the functioning along entire digestive system including the brain

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Balance your microbiome, acid and PH levels

  • Clear up body confusion and find relief for Crohn's, Leaky Gut, and other autoimmune issues