Healthy Skin & Rejuvenation

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Healthy Skin & Rejuvenation


The skin is our largest organ and our first line of defense.  It can take a lot of abuse but with your help it can be healed, transformed, corrected, and renewed!  

This audio recording will help guide you through how to bring your skin back into perfect harmony, clear limiting beliefs that distort how you see yourself, and allow the true, beautiful you to shine through!

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Rediscover your newborn skin perfection! You are beautiful!

Through this audio, you will…

  • Center and ground into this present moment

  • Open your pathways for ellimations, allowing the skin to sweat, detox, and function properly

  • Bring comfort, healing, softening, repairing and correction to scar tissues from acne, incisions, accidents, discoloration, birthmarks and more to bring our skin back into its perfection

  • Balance your doshas and upgrade your elements

  • Correct dehydration by allowing your body to absorb water and nutrients as needed

  • Dissolve, dissipate, transform, and transmutate viruses and bacteria causing dry patches and imperfections in, on, and around the skin

  • Release trigger points and tightened myofascial tissue for smoother, more relaxed skin

  • Clear limiting core belief surrounding your appearance

  • Bring in collagen to restore the forehead, around the eyes, the jaw line, and wherever it’s needed

  • Activate stem cells for rejuvenation

  • Balance all the systems of the body to enable them to work in perfect harmony

  • Calm down histamines in your body to relieve itching and irritation

  • Deepen the healing and transformation with Soul Language

  • See the truth of your own beauty!