Healthy Teeth & Gums


Healthy Teeth & Gums


Everyday our mouths are bombarded by what we eat, drink, acid from our stomachs, and more. We try many topical solutions for relief but true healing starts deeper!

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Have you been suffering from chronic dental pain, sensitivity, cavities, receding gum lines, gingivitis, and more but modern dentistry has failed to bring you lasting relief and healing?  Maybe you have structural issues like an over or underbite, chips in your teeth, TMJ, or jaw bone clicking? Or perhaps stressors and other issues have lead you to clench or grind your teeth?  

Whatever the cause or symptom of your dental woes, this audio will help you address and remedy the root cause for total dental health!

See Your Strong, Health, Pain Free Teeth as the Perfection They Are!

Through this audio, you will…

  • Clear past life and ancestral lineage issues surrounding the teeth, gums, and tissues

  • Clear the throat chakra

  • Relieve issues leading to grinding and clenching of teeth on all layers of existence into infinity

  • Remove feelings and emotions that lead to grinding and clenching such as worry, hate, anger, stress, and frustration

  • Adjust your spine which will lead to whole body alignment

  • Clear stress from everywhere in the body

  • Heal infections and remove harmful bacteria from the mouth, tonsils, gums, and teeth

  • Calm, clear, and remove inflammation and excess heat

  • Stimulate all the nerves in the gums and around the teeth

  • Restore your receding gum lines to their natural state of perfection

  • Heal, strengthen, and whiten tooth enamel

  • Clear memories and imprints of past surgeries or dental procedures

  • Release any fears of going to the dentist or limiting core beliefs surrounding your access to dental care

  • Bring in any and all necessary nourishment to the teeth and gums

  • Bring healing to any structural issues such as over or underbite, chips, cracks, and cavities

  • Strengthen your enamel

  • Clear plaque and tartar

  • Balance acids in the stomach to prevent reflux damage to your teeth

  • Open up the meridians and pressure points for each tooth

  • Deepen the healing with Soul Language