Slow Down to Enjoy Life!


Slow Down to Enjoy Life!


Are you ready to clear stress, eliminate the brain fog, ground yourself in the present moment, clear your kidneys and adrenals for better function & Slow Down to Enjoy Life?

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Are you ready to break free from the clock?  Tired and constantly searching for that magic cup of coffee to get it all done?  Used to be really creative but the spark has dulled a bit...  I know exactly how you feel.  It took a broken bone for me to slow down and finally see what I'd been missing.

This meditation will help you:

  • Ground into your heart space
  • Be present and in the moment
  • Work with all the different types of brain waves, syncing them up, and enabling them to work together optimally 
  • Clear the harmful effects of stress
  • Calm your central nervous system and upgrade it (especially those adrenals and kidneys!)
  • Declutter your brain so you can turn off the merry-go-round and SLOW DOWN!
  • Incorporate meditation into your routine - sitting in stillness and silence are essential!

I know slowing down when you have a to-do list that's a mile long and waaaaaaay too many tabs open on your computer sounds like it's just going to lead you to be more rushed and stressed.  But what I've learned through my own experience is this -- if you slow down, then you can actually do more!  

As a result of the process I'm going to take you through (that I personally use all the time), you're going to have:

  • MORE energy
  • Sleep better
  • Be less stressed
  • Think more clearly
  • Get more done (in less time!), and
  • Generally feel more peaceful about life!

So if you're ready to get off the merry-go-round, close out the tabs, and start enjoying life, then this meditaiton is for YOU!