Toxin Detox


Toxin Detox


We come into contact with toxins on all levels and layers, day in and day out!

It's in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the people who surround us, and can even follow us from past lives.

Also there's a limiting core belief that many people hold onto that detoxes must be difficult and painful, but this simply isn't true!

It's possible for you to gently, easily, and gracefully eliminate these toxins and I'll help show you how!

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Through this powerful group call, we worked on:

  • Clearing stress

  • Clearing toxic people, their thoughts, and their issues

  • Clearing the organs of all negative emotions, such as fear

  • Clearing the belief that doing a detox is hard, it will create pain, or other complications

  • Clearing toxins from your past lives and down through your ancestral lineage

  • Clearing and recharging your master cells and adrenals

  • Bringing your cell function back to its optimum level of performance

  • Clearing, healing, and upgrading your Central Nervous System

  • Activating the DNA and bringing light into them

  • Clearing your bone marrow and bones

  • Opening up your pathways to elimination - especially lymph system in order to clear

  • Working on the skin

  • Working on removing heavy metals, chemicals, toxins, pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, cleaning products, fumes of all kinds, allergens, food products preservatives, GMOs, and more

  • Raising everyone's frequencies

  • Bringing all systems in harmonic functioning

  • Took Q & A

  • Offered personalized healings that you too can benefit from!

Toxins surround us and cross over into every aspect of our lives. But you can detoxify, eliminate, and remove these substances from your mind, body, and soul!

Through this healing call, Toxic Detox, we each set the intention for this process to be a gentle, easy, and with grace for everything to happen in our own personal timing and sequencing. Listen to this group healing call, set your own gentle detox intention, and enjoy the powerful healing!