Let Your Heart Sing!

Wow!  I’ve had the most incredible experience and I just had to share it with you!  

A few days ago, I did an initiation with my teacher and mentor (which was incredible!) and the next day during my meditation a new guide came in, St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music and musicians.  Now as I’ve said before (in case you missed my talk about Connecting to Source Safely - click here!), you need to have a vetting process you follow in order to make sure any new guides or angels are coming into your field to help you achieve your highest good.  So I did some research about her (I didn’t even know who St. Cecilia was -- thank you, Google!), followed my protocol, and made sure she was sent to me from God.  

Everything checked out, so when I meditated again and she came to me, I decided to let her connect.  She came into my body for about 30 minutes and it was an amazing experience!  I’m not really into music and I’m definitely not a singer, but I was filled with music.  Funny as it may sound, I heard the song from Frozen, “Let It Go!” playing over and over again (once again -- thank you, Google! Because I had no idea what that was either!).  

Photo by  Adriana Aceves  on  Unsplash

While the music was playing, she was clearing me and helping me let go things (and some of them weren’t pretty!).  This was baggage I didn’t even know I had inside me.  Freeing me from everything that wasn’t love and from God.  

I wish I could tell you everything she said to me!  I desperately wanted to get up and get a paper and pen to write down everything but I was so afraid if I moved that the connection would be lost.  But her main message came through clearly -- Let Your Heart Sing” and “Let Go”!

After she left, inside me there was so much more confidence, inner knowingness, clarity, and surety that when I command something to be done or to leave -- it will be done.  

I knew that my abilities were empowered and taken to the next level!

We’re talking Quantum Healing, folks!  I’m now able to see more when I do my healings -- I can see what’s wrong and the healing actually take place!  First a little about Quantum Healing.  In Quantum Healing there is no time. You see everything as right here and right now.  When I’m working in this space, the angels show me the injury or ailment as tubes of light but they’re so thin -- like a strand of hair -- and they’re in constant motion.  The tubes can be tangled, twisted, crimped, misshapen, etc., and my job is to take the tubes, fix the broken shape, and bring them back to their original perfection.  

So true story, I fractured my sesamoid bone in my foot (that’s what years of high heels will get you!) and my pain level was a 10 when I left the doctor’s office with the diagnosis and an air cast.  But when I got home, I decided to try out my new gifts!  So I went into meditation and the Angels showed me the cracked bone.  With their assistance, I worked on my tubes of light and then within seconds the fracture was healed! I took off my air cast and was walking pain free. Literally within three hours of receiving the diagnosis, I was healed!  

Photo by  Eneko Uruñuela  on  Unsplash

With Quantum Healing, the work is done instantly because there is no time but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be a delay in our experiencing the benefits.  First, our karma can create a barrier to our healing and we always need to be clearing karma through meditation and other energy work we’re engaging in.  Second, if we’re healing say your stomach and after the session you go and binge on all the foods that made you sick in the first place… Well the healing won’t be effective for long!  Third, is our own mind and this is a tricky one!  The mind will say, “That didn’t work!  The pain is still there!  See -- don’t you FEEL it?!”  And if you listen to the mind, then you will still be plagued by the problem and the healing will be null and void.  You see there can be a lag time between the instantaneous Quantum Healing and the physical body catching up.  It can take minutes, days, weeks, months, etc., depending on your mind and the strength of your belief that you were instantly healed.  

Quantum healing is fast and effective!  And what’s even better, I’m able to see what’s being done while we work together.  So I can see what’s being healed and give you peace of mind that it’s already done!  This is especially helpful for clients who are so fearful that they’ll always be sick and they can’t or won’t be healed. When I can see that something is healed and tell my client, “You’re healed!” it’s a relief and gives them hope that they can move forward and lead a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically, and emotionally.

If you struggle with your mind and limiting beliefs, then I recommend that you work with an energy healer or teacher to help you overcome these doubts, eliminate the limiting core beliefs so you can clear your karma, teach you to raise your energy and frequencies, help keep you on track, and just generally guide you.  

Healing will happen, but you have work to do too!  

If you want to experience perfect health again, then you have to commit to yourself that you’ll consistently do the necessary spiritual practices and engage in a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve and maintain perfect health in your mind, body, and spirit!  It’s a process that you go through and it’ll change your life for the better!

Schedule a session and let’s get healing today!