Doing this ONE Thing Each Day will Keep You Healthy, Wealthy, and Happy!

It is so important to take care of our energetic bodies everyday! When we ignore our energy bodies our health and emotions start to decline. This is when illnesses, aches and pains and negative emotions such as depression,anger and frustration set in.shells-770554_640 Your body is like a car. Imagine driving a brand new car home. It drives like a charm! The engine is quiet and running smooth, it smells so good and it is sparkly clean. However, in order to keep the car in this pristine state, it requires consistent upkeep.

Imagine what would happen as the days and months go on if you neglected to take care of it. Perhaps you do not wash it or vacuum the inside. Or maybe you claim a lack of time or money as reasons to not take it in for regular check ups and oil changes.

What eventually happens is that this car will become dull and dirty. It will start running rough and the sound of the engine will drown out your favorite song on the radio. The car will become harder to start, until one day it just decided to stop running altogether.

This is exactly how our energetic body is. Except instead of seeing and hearing the changes, you begin to feel them. You get sick more often, you feel depressed, your relationships or finances take a nosedive.

Like everything else in life, your energy body needs daily cleaning and energy work to keep it running in peak performance. When we start to ignore it that is when we start to get sick, stop sleeping well, or develop stress and anxiety.


saint-198958_1920It is vital to your ongoing well being that you start a daily routine to keep your bodies in peak performance. When we clean, clear, and fully align our energetic bodies (which includes our aura, chakras, and meridians) it keeps us in the flow.

When we are in the flow life becomes much easier and we are are able to heal and manifest much easier.


I have a client, we’ll call her Betsy, who has suffered chronic pain and depressionbuddha-1280442_640 for the last ten years. After our healing session she was pain free and happy for the first time in a decade. But then she stopped doing the daily work.

Unsurprisingly, her pain and depression returned. Betsy learned her lesson though, she is now committed to the daily work and has monthly sessions with me. I’m pleased to say that her body is now running at an optimal level!


I know time and money are always convenient excuses. Believe me, I’ve been there too! However, I made a commitment four years ago to invest in my well-being first--before anything else.

I listen to uplifting music, meditate, work with my healers, and work with my crystals everyday!! By doing this my overall health has dramatically changed and my depression and anxiety is completely gone.

The  key is that you must invest the time and work into raising your vibration on a daily basis and maintain a new positive way of thinking.

Luckily, this does not have to take a lot of time! I have a simple solution for you that is nice to your time demands AND your budget.

It is simple and easy to do and requires almost no effort on your end!candles-1023063_1920

Simply connect with your favorite healer and ask them for an ongoing remote healing treatment. Most healers will provide this to you at a reasonable charge.

If I’m blessed enough to be your favorite healer, here’s some more information on what I offer.