A Picture Says A Thousand Words...

Hey Guys!

Have you ever had that moment when you experienced a piece of art and said, “Wow!  That really speaks to my soul…” Isn’t it incredible how painters, writers, singers, etc. have this ability to speak universally to our human experience through their creations?!  Have you felt that way before?

Well, I had this very experience the other day!  I came across an image that so perfectly represents who I am as a healer and the work I do that I just had to share it with you!

Here it is!

I want you to take a moment to study the image.

What do you see?

What do you feel?

I have infused this image with unconditional love, peace, joy, happiness and bliss!


The symbolism of the lotus flower has always spoken to me and how I see my work. The lotus plant starts life stuck in the dark muck at the bottom of the pond, but it longs for more! Through struggle and challenge, it stretches and grows towards the light. Breaking through the surface, with its face pointed towards the sun, it opens into a beautiful flower. This is what I do everyday in my energy work! With the assistance of my guides and Angels, I help you navigate out of the dark and into the light!

But there’s more in this image than just the lotus. With your third eye open, you can see in the center of the flower is a woman seated with long purple hair flowing down her yellow back. She’s seated in the center to represent the heart and the heart is our link between Heaven and Earth. This link is essential for transformational and transdimensional change.

Her body position is illuminating as well -- she’s seated peacefully, facing the light, looking up to God as the light rays flow into and around her. These rainbow colored light rays are so important because this is exactly what I see when I do my healing work. I pull in light rays, in all the colors and frequencies, to surround you in order to guide and assist you to your place of wholeness.

And finally that beautiful sky! In the sky, there are a few clouds with the brilliant blue breaking through. This symbolizes the clearing I do when I heal. I go in, remove the clouds, and show you your light by letting your sun shine through! In this place of healing, you’ll experience more purity, better wisdom, a place of oneness with yourself.

Please take a moment to peacefully meditate on this image and embrace the feelings you find inside. I have infused it with unconditional love, peace, joy, happiness and bliss!! 

I hope you enjoy and that we can talk again soon!